"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."
Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD
Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Phone Consultations

DISCLAIMER: Ralph W. Moss, PhD, is not a medical doctor. He holds a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree from Stanford University, and has been a medical journalist for over 40 years. Nothing Ralph W. Moss, PhD, says in your telephone consultation constitutes medical advice. It is strictly information for your evaluation. If you have cancer, you should be under the care of appropriate medical professionals, including oncologists. Nothing said in the telephone consultation is a substitute for proper medical care.You are encouraged to confirm the accuracy of any information conveyed in this telephone consultation with other sources, including your medical doctors. If you would like to arrange it, they are welcome to join the conversation. Neither Ralph W. Moss, PhD, nor his colleagues are liable for any indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising from your use of this consultation service.

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Ralph W. Moss, PhD, offers phone consultations to help patients individualize their cancer treatment. When you are ready to schedule a phone consultation just click the above button.

It is important to understand that Ralph Moss is not a medical doctor and the advice he gives is not intended to supplement or replace that given by your physician. Investigating the claims of people who treat cancer is his full-time job.

In pursuing this goal, he not only studies the relevant scientific literature, but frequently travels the world in search of doctors, clinics and hospitals offering new and effective approaches. He also investigates new food supplements and other purported treatments. Dr. Moss maintains an attitude of "friendly skepticism." While he is open to credible new treatment options, both conventional and alternative, he demands proof of both their safety and effectiveness. He will not be swayed by anything less than rigorous scientific evidence.

A phone consultee recently wrote:

"I'm so glad that I arranged for the phone consultation with Dr. Moss. Once again I found myself stumbling through the myriad of promised cancer 'cures' and growing weary as I treaded water in search of continued cancer treatment, then I remembered that help was just a phone call away. The information Dr. Moss provided was very valuable. He answered all of my questions and educated me on several therapy options, offering phone numbers, emails and website information, leading me in directions I had not previously considered. His expertise and years of research helped me narrow my search towards a better plan. I felt that he genuinely valued my input and was compassionate about my story. Once again, his readily-shared knowledge was a lifebuoy. I'm extremely grateful! I'm back on shore, steady on my feet and ready for battle." --Pamela B., Kansas

In a phone consultation, Dr. Moss can give you an unbiased assessment of exactly how effective accepted conventional treatments are. Similarly, there are credible alternatives out there, but there are also a lot of scams. Many people find a phone discussion with Dr. Moss to be an invaluable help in understanding the complexities of cancer therapy. Relatives are often included in these discussions. Here is what other phone consultees have recently written to us:

"We felt that speaking to Dr. Moss was a great gift. He has a wealth of information,which we were able to receive because the person we were speaking to was unbiased and had such an obvious concern for humankind."-- Ondrea and Stephen Levine

"He will help you weed through all the non-pertinent issues and save you immeasurable time and effort. I have truly benefited from Dr. Moss' exceptional education and experience. No comment would be complete without noting the professional and courteous manner afforded me by the entire staff at Cancer Decisions." -- I.T.

"It was very helpful to talk with Dr. Moss. He has a truly unique knowledge of cancer research and treatments, conventional and alternative. Especially helpful to me were his observations drawn from personal acquaintance with doctors,practitioners and clinics. This has been a great help in navigating the maze of treatment alternatives." -- David F.

"He helped me see in which direction I might go. I made a plan after talking with him that was... clearer than the scattered thoughts and random choices that had been floating in my mind previous to our talk. Thank you for your valuable gift." --Teri K.

Could you or a loved one benefit from speaking to an experienced guide who can help you negotiate the rough waters of cancer therapy? Dr. Moss offers hourlong phone consultations. Follow-up consultations for past clients can be a half hour or one hour. Basically he tries to get to know you as a person, to learn your needs, and what medical experiences you have had. He may then inform you about treatments of which you are unaware, or evaluate decisions you have already made. During your conversation he will help you to narrow your choices to several credible options. His personal knowledge of many of the key practitioners in this field may prove invaluable to you.

Cancer care can be very expensive and patients and their families frequently spend tens of thousands of dollars on treatments. While such money is often well spent, sometimes it is expended on invalid or even fraudulent approaches. Dr. Moss can give you insights into various treatments and their practitioners, in the US and abroad, and can thus provide you with a valuable sounding board on a wide variety of conventional and alternative treatment options. From that perspective, a consultation can save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Dr. Moss has consulted for people in their 80s and for the parents of young children. He has spoken to people in every part of the world. He has done many consultations for family members or friends, without the patient taking an active part. Or you can have a friend or loved one on the phone with you, just listening or taking part in the discussion. Naturally, you can take notes or even record the conversation for your personal review, if you wish.

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