"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."
Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD
Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

All Client Testimonials

Professional and Courteous

He will help you weed through all the non-pertinent issues and save you immeasurable time and effort. I have truly benefited from Dr. Moss' exceptional education and experience. No comment would be complete without noting the professional and courteous manner afforded me by the entire staff at Cancer Decisions.
Testimonial By: I.T.

Enlightening and Supportive

Thank you ever so much! While I never hoped to utilize your expertise personally, I cannot express how enlightening and supportive your knowledge and opinions are! I am sure you hear this all the time and that would be because it is so true. In any case, thank you again for the call and the unbelievably detailed email follow-up! I always enjoy reading anything you write, it is like having you there in person.
Testimonial By: C.K.

Ralph Moss is Brilliant

Ralph Moss is brilliant. In terms of cancer care, it actually was exciting to listen to his information. His knowledge is encyclopedic and deep; any question we put to him was answered instantly ...thoroughly ... and with great insight. He analyzed my oncological status and, with great simplicity,suggested a course of action which includes several alternate modalities. It is instructive and reassuring to have his guidance. Thank you, Dr. Moss!
Testimonial By: J.S

A Huge Impact

I would like to say that prior to consulting with Dr. Moss I felt really lost. He made a huge impact on the way I feel about my further treatments.
Testimonial By: A.R.

Unique and Necessary Advisor

As a four-year metastatic colon cancer patient, currently under standard chemotherapy in the USA, it is prudent to plan for future scenarios. In his 488-page colon cancer report and during conversations, Ralph offered a current, objective and practical review of all anti-cancer methodologies globally available. He is a unique and necessary advisor in a comprehensive battle against cancer.
Testimonial By: S.T.

In the Right Direction

Ralph Moss is amazing because he is on top of latest technologies, holistic approaches, integrative therapies. he thinks out-of-box, he appreciates the cutting edge but demands scientific data before endorsing any methodology, we like that he is rigorous but open minded to the innovative and not stuck with conventional approaches that we all know have tremendous limitations. As we get bombarded with so many ideas and methodologies and recommendations, it is great to be able to consult with someone like Ralph Moss, who is familiar with all the different possibilities and has the incredible ability to narrow it down to the best of the best for our particular condition. Dr. Moss pointed us in the right direction when too many directions were offered to us and we are finally feeling more confident that we will embrace the best therapy for our illness. Thank you so much and we will for sure keep you posted.
Testimonial By: G.G.

In Charge of Life Again

The Moss Report was extremely helpful and hopeful. It made us feel like we were in charge of life again. You're making an incredible contribution to people who are most vulnerable.
Testimonial By: Audrey B

Appreciative and Grateful

I am very appreciative and grateful that Dr. Moss provided referrals to doctors that I will contact regarding treatment and testing. I am also thankful for his insight, expertise, and information. I am looking forward to the treatment he recommended. I will stay in touch with Dr. Moss, keeping him informed about my treatment and progress going forward.
Testimonial By: D.S.

More Viable Alternatives

I have really been disappointed with radiation and chemotherapy and have been so glad that you steered me to more viable alternatives.
Testimonial By: William V.

The Most Well-versed Person

Ralph Moss is probably the most well-versed person in the world on the topic of cancer treatment. He does not appear to have a bias for or against anything and tells it like he sees it. Simply put, we trust his knowledge of cancer treatments, both conventional and alternative, more than anyone else and we will not take any action without first speaking with him. Hopefully he continues to devote his life to digging into the facts and presenting them truthfully without the spin which vested parties continue to use. He does not dismiss conventional treatment, but determines what the research actually shows. Likewise, he does not advocate alternative treatments unless there is proof of its worth.
Testimonial By: J.W.

Extremely accessible

The Moss Report information is extremely helpful as was our call with Dr. Moss. He was extremely informative and accessible.
Testimonial By: R.R.

Truly Amazing

Over the past 20 years I have had wishful thoughts of finding someone with medical knowledge beyond what I have found in magazines, books and online. I am so very happy to have found Dr. Moss and his incredible knowledge base and encouraging demeanor during the consultation. He provides many lesser known alternatives to the usual medical community. He is truly amazing.
Testimonial By: C.W.

Completely Honest

I would like to thank Dr. Moss and his assistant from the bottom of my heart. His assistant was both professional and very compassionate at the same time. Dr. Moss was completely honest with my most difficult questions. I am very grateful to him for answering it from his heart. I am also grateful for how he advocated for me by making a call directly following our consult. I believe that helping people to make the best decision during their time of crisis is a blessing.
Testimonial By: A.M.

Treasure and Hope

I ordered your report some months ago and keep up with your monthly newsletter and phone message. Thank you for the treasure of information as well as the hope you offer.
Testimonial By: Carol M

I would recommend calling him first

My telephone consultation with Ralph Moss was extremely helpful giving me and my family a wealth of information but also helped us to focus on what would be most helpful. He answered all our questions thoughtfully and his passion for his work and wanting to guide me and others is refreshing. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of cancer research including more alternative approaches to treatment which might be difficult to find out about. Most importantly, he encouraged me to call or email him should other questions come up and to let him know what I have decided to do. Before starting your own search, I would recommend calling him first to help guide the way in this difficult and confusing area. I appreciated his positive and down to earth approach.
Testimonial By: G.J.

Wonderful Work

My thanks to Dr. Moss for his wonderful work in helping cancer patients throughout the world. My new Moss Report on prostate cancer will become my new reference, and hopefully will continue to serve me well as Dr. Moss?s earlier edition has these past years.
Testimonial By: M.S.

Extremely Informative

My mother is suffering from mesothelioma and was very discouraged prior to speaking with Ralph Moss because there is very little optimistic information readily available on the disease. I found my consultation with him very informative. He was very quick in responding and well versed in all of the latest cancer treatments coming from both Western medicine and alternative cancer therapies. I felt like he gave me a very detailed and unbiased analysis of all of the options out there and has been extremely informative with his follow up and recommendations.
Testimonial By: T.E.

Easy to read

I really appreciate how well written, friendly and easy to read the report is.
Testimonial By: N.S.

Very Helpful Follow-up

Thank you for your thorough and very helpful follow-up email, Dr. Moss! You have a wealth of beneficial information...and we are investigating all of it. We greatly appreciate your availability.
Testimonial By: M.C.

We Are Feeling Empowered

Many thanks for the information and referrals. It has really borne fruit. With the new chemotherapy regimen, exercise, meditation, Qi Gong and supplements we are feeling empowered. We are grateful to you and our oncologist.
Testimonial By: P. C.

Most Helpful

Thank you for everything you have done for us this far. Becoming members of the Moss Reports has been the most helpful of anything we have found. Bless you.
Testimonial By: Patty B.

I was Panicked...

When faced with the diagnosis of two separate cancers, I panicked and fell into despair. I was overwhelmed by all the information about cancer and confused about which treatments to choose. Ralph Moss and his invaluable reports rescued me. His exhaustive and up-to-date research gave me knowledge and direction, especially about progressive European clinics... The Moss Reports should be required reading for all cancer patients. I am now well on the road to recovery
Testimonial By: M. G.

God Bless You

Thank you for all your research and for giving us hope. God bless you.
Testimonial By: D.G. and Family

Beyond My Expectations

I purchased your Melanoma Moss report today. Thank you very much - it is beyond my expectations, I am amazed.
Testimonial By: A.M.

Enlightening Support

I want to thank you for your enlightening support.
Testimonial By: E.V.K.


Thank you so much, I'm thankful and grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. All of your knowledge and expertise about cancer is truly a gift! You provided us with so much information.... I will be forever thankful for the opportunity to learn your information. You hold a special place in my heart!
Testimonial By: P. O.

Valuable Informed Choices

We so much appreciate your terrific resource, which gave us back the power to make valuable informed choices. My dad, mom and all of us are extremely grateful!
Testimonial By: Brynnie G

Clear and Non-technical

Your report has helped me enormously to sort out what might be worth trying and what not. It continues to help me understand how I can change my own lifestyle for maximum health. Your writing is clear and non-technical. I can literally breeze through it.
Testimonial By: Carole F

I Thank him for his Candor

Ralph Moss didn't waste time but zeroed in on the area in which I was interested, and gave me information and knowledge about treatments and locations which I could have never come across on my own. I found his 'off the record' insider insights & experiences to be extremely valuable, and I thank him for his candor. When you're in a position like I am you want someone to shoot from the hip...you want the truth, as they know it. That's what I feel I got from Mr. Moss. I'm very encouraged to move forward. Thank you!
Testimonial By: D.G.


What you are doing is truly extraordinary and wonderful.
Testimonial By: Mike S

One of the Most Knowledgeable People in the World

My recent phone consult with Dr. Moss was extremely informative. Dr. Moss is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field of alternative cancer therapies and treatments. If you are looking for options outside of American conventional medicine, Dr. Moss should DEFINITELY be your first stop. One consult with Dr. Moss is equal to doing 10,000 hours of research on your own! And, as a 'bonus,' he is a VERY nice person to talk to. I highly recommend him to all cancer patients.
Testimonial By: A.D.

Extremely Helpful

Again, your information and guidance has been extremely helpful. Thank you for all that you are doing in this very complex cancer world. I am learning so much.
Testimonial By: Krista C.

Quality Report

Thank you so much for your time. I am quite impressed with the quality of your report.
Testimonial By: Suzanne B

Must-Read Resource

I had pancreatic cancer. I say had because all my lab reports are now back to normal...I did a lot of research and discovered and ordered your Moss Report on Pancreatic Cancer. Thank God...Many people ask my advice and I always recommend the Moss Report as an important must-read resource.? C.W.
Testimonial By: C.W.

Helping Cancer Patients

My thanks to Dr. Moss for his wonderful work in helping cancer patients throughout the world.
Testimonial By: M.S.

Reliable and Unbiased Source

As usual, Dr. Moss was knowledgeable and informed about my concerns. I am considering alternative treatments for metastasized androgen independent prostate cancer. Dr. Moss knew the strengths and weaknesses of several foreign clinics I am considering, and promptly sent a letter of introduction to one in England. I have found him a reliable and unbiased source of information for several years
Testimonial By: H.C.

Exactly What I Needed

Many thanks for bringing much-needed experience and objective professionalism into my life at a most critical time. Your staff's words of encouragement helped me to decide to get an operation, which no doubt saved my life. For that I cannot thank them enough! My consultation with Ralph last Tuesday was exactly what I needed at this post-op point in time. I knew immediately that I was speaking with an objective and most experienced professional in the cancer world. Not only did he know his 'stuff' but he communicated with me in a caring and understandable manner, which I appreciated tremendously.
Testimonial By: M.W.

Listened Carefully

I was stressed trying to choose the right clinical trial for my lung cancer. Ralph listened carefully to my concerns and gave me history of similar trials in the U.S. and Europe, plus some tips. I had good questions for my doctor and made my decision with confidence. My conference with Ralph was tailor made for understanding MY lung cancer. We sorted through options for healing and a better quality of life with the disease.
Testimonial By: T.C.


I recently received The Moss Report and have been devouring the information. It is incredible and I want to thank you for the wonderful work that you do
Testimonial By: Jane S

My Eyes Were Truly Opened

I can't tell you what a wealth of information we found and how helpful and informative the Report was. For Anne's and Ralph Moss's hard work, I thank you. My eyes were truly opened.
Testimonial By: L. C

Knowledgeable and Approachable

I was very appreciative of Ralph's expertise in the area of cancer. He is very knowledgeable, and he is approachable even by telephone. I found his help invaluable, and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of cancer knowledge. He is very thorough and accurate in his statements
Testimonial By: M.V.


The Moss Reports are invaluable in our research.
Testimonial By: S.O.

I Have Found My Path

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Moss for his caring phone call consultation and to his compassionate assistant, who set up my appointment for the same day. From the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was constantly searching the Internet for more natural approaches to my treatment. There was so much information online and I was not sure which direction I should choose. Thanks to Dr. Moss I have found my path. Dr. Moss has amazing knowledge about latest anti-cancer technologies and integrative therapies. He answered all of my questions. I was very much appreciated the email he sent me just after consultation with all referrals he was talking about. Beside being brilliant, wise researcher, he is also very kind man. Thank you so much for helping me to make the right decisions.
Testimonial By: J. J.

Extremely informative

Thank you very much for this information. It is extremely helpful as was our call with Dr. Moss. He was extremely informative and accessible.
Testimonial By: R.R.

Highly Recommend the Consultation

My husband and I just had our phone consultation with Dr Moss. Reading the Moss reports and all of his available information is helpful, but a bit overwhelming. We found the 1:1 with him especially useful in figuring out what should be our next steps and in choosing where to go in the US for alternative treatment. He helped me to connect with people I needed to connect with, gave me phone numbers, and even sent emails out on my behalf to introduce specific individuals to me to get the process started. He also helped me fine tune some of the supplements I am currently taking. He was supportive, kind and empathetic. I highly recommend the consultation for individuals like myself who are interested in seeking out as many treatment options as possible!
Testimonial By: C.C.

My Constant Companion

...My Moss Report has been my constant companion as I have navigated the flood of information that continues to sweep me along. I cross check everything I can with my report. As I read, I feel as if I'm actually listening to a real person talking and giving me the benefit of their vast experience and knowledge, as opposed to some commercial for the miracle benefits of this or that alternative therapy. Having your perspective makes me more confident about each decision I have to make.
Testimonial By: Robert W

Well Worth the Money

Your report is immensely helpful and informative. Well worth $297, even for a struggling artist.
Testimonial By: Dianna R.

Ralph Gives Us Confidence

We had an excellent talk with Ralph this morning, and are fully satisfied with it. The key word for us is confidence - Ralph gives us confidence. We will have an ongoing treatment strategy largely completed within a relatively short time. We seriously doubt that this ever would have been possible without Ralph's help.
Testimonial By: G.P.

Clear and Thoughtful

We have just had our second conference call with Dr Ralph Moss and once again, he provided us clear and thoughtful direction on our course of action. He helped us clarify the different options we have and we feel renewed in our pursuit of our goal. Thank you Dr. Moss for your practical advice and no-nonsense approach in a time that could otherwise be terrifying.
Testimonial By: L.C. and J.S.

Peace of Mind

I cannot tell you how much your material has meant to me. It has given me the knowledge to chart my course without fear. Knowing you are out there has had a profound effect on me. I have felt peace of mind for the first time in two months since I discovered the lump.
Testimonial By: Zena H

Detailed Information

I am delighted with the Report and with such detailed information. I am telling other friends with cancer to be sure to become clients and get their copies.
Testimonial By: Maureen D

We Are Now Feeling More Optimistic

I just wanted to tell you, on behalf of my mother and the rest of our family, how much we appreciate the information and insight you provided us in our consultation, especially with respect to the German clinics....We will keep you apprised of future developments. We are now feeling more optimistic about the possibility of a better outcome.
Testimonial By: J.M.

Very much appreciated!!

I purchased the bladder report on March 1st, 2016. Please thank Dr. Moss for all his hard work, it is very much appreciated!!
Testimonial By: K.G.

Well Informed

What struck us most was how level and open Dr. Moss seemed in discussing alternatives and recommendations, without coming across as someone with a preset agenda or any self interest in the outcome of our consultation....I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity for a no-pressure discussion with someone so well informed. It helped solidify my feelings about treatment approaches.
Testimonial By: H.C.

A Wonderful Resource

Let me express my appreciation for your Moss Report. It is a wonderful resource. I wish I would have known of this report many months ago.
Testimonial By: Lisa B.

Thank You Very Much for Your Commitment

We felt the consultation with Ralph Moss was very beneficial. He explained things very clearly and took the time to answer all of our questions. Our discussion gave us the confidence to be more pro-active in the direction of M's care and treatment. Thank you very much for your commitment to make the latest research available to all who are interested in an easy to understand format
Testimonial By: M. and T.R.

Much More in Control

My wife and I highly recommend both the Moss Report and the subsequent telephone consult. The report takes you through an enormous amount of data and the consult tailors actionable information to suit the patient's specific needs. This has made us feel much more in control of my prostate cancer treatment and alleviated the kind of anxiety I felt when attempting to screen the many different modalities of treatment.
Testimonial By: K.K. and M.K.

Thorough, Unbiased, Very Up-to-date

Hearing that I had breast cancer and going through the first few weeks was an enormously overwhelming time for me. During this time I came across Ralph Moss's website. I found his information to be so thorough, unbiased and very up to date. The reports and a personal telephonic appointment with Dr. Moss gave me the ability to remain focused and calm. I certainly was able to deal with the situation in a much more empowered way. I cannot thank Dr. Moss enough!
Testimonial By: P.D.

Road to a Better Life

I thank you for the help you gave back in those days trying to figure things out and get me on the road to a better life. It?s been 13 years and I am blessed.
Testimonial By: J.G.

Marvelous Resource

Thanks for your help. Your service is a marvelous resource, tremendously helpful for those of us sifting through the masses of information that we have to go through in these really stressful situations.
Testimonial By: Stephen A.

Grateful for Knowledge

I am grateful for your time and knowledge. Thank you for the gift of your insight and for your recommendations.
Testimonial By: M.N.

A Big Blessing

I purchased the breast cancer report in the past and would very much appreciate receiving an updated report. Thank you so much for what you do... this information has been a big blessing!
Testimonial By: R.C.

Life-saving information

Thank you for this life-saving information. We got a report for my mom in 2008 and she has been doing great ever since with her CAM treatment!
Testimonial By: T.W.

A Lot of Valuable Information

My husband and I were grateful that we were able to talk with Ralph Moss on the phone recently. We gained a lot of valuable information from our conversation with him, and now we know more as to what we are wanting to do. He certainly does bring forth a huge amount of knowledge from all of his studies over so many years! This knowledge is beneficial to us, and to so many others, I am sure. I know now that it will be up to us to take the information he laid out for us, and put it into a 'right way' of pursuing our next steps into treating our type of cancer
Testimonial By: S.S.

Most Helpful and Impressive

I've been telling everyone about your Moss Reports. Out of all the things I've read about cancer, yours was by far the most helpful and impressive.
Testimonial By: Carla K

I Have Recommended It to Others

The Moss Report for colon cancer has been a great help in sorting out treatments. I have recommended it to other people because the choices out there are incredible and there is so little time to discern when you are emotionally involved.
Testimonial By: N. W.

Pretty Amazing

Thank you so much for your incredible advice and insight. We're all still digesting it. I'm sure we'll have a few questions .We are seeing the oncologist tomorrow and will bring up the tests. Thanks again. You are pretty amazing!
Testimonial By: A.B.

Heartfelt Thanks

Because of Mr. Moss's dedication to the immense struggles that millions of people go through each year with cancer, I offer my deepest heartfelt thanks. I believe that my life, no matter how long I continue to live, will be one of high quality.
Testimonial By: L.V.

Best Money I Have Ever Spent

I have recently had a conversation with Ralph Moss and for me, the fog has lifted. There is so much information, misinformation, and controversy out there regarding cancer that I was terribly confused, almost dysfunctional, in trying to decide what course to take to insure my survival. However, apparently, this great man has dedicated his keen intelligence and vast knowledge to understanding this mass of information, with special regard to treatment potential for patient survival. So if you are confused about treatments, and you need knowledge of their bottom line, or success rates, this is the man to talk to. It my be the best money I have ever spent towards my cancer recovery
Testimonial By: J.W.

Caring empathetic professional

For some months I have been looking for advice on possible further treatments given that I have progressed through first and second line chemotherapy treatments fairly successfully and will finish radiation treatment soon. The question I faced was rather simple, now what? I needed a competent professional to provide me with suggestions for further treatment so I turned to Dr. Moss who appeared as the most knowledgeable person I could find anywhere on the internet. The choice turned out to be a good one. During a one hour session Dr. Moss as a caring, empathetic professional provided both my wife and I with several well evaluated further treatments for me to investigate. I am grateful for our session together and look forward to following up on the suggestions of Dr. Moss and communicating with him about those suggestions.
Testimonial By: Dr. W.C.

Comprehensive Source

We had been looking for an independent, comprehensive and consolidated source of information on cancer treatments. And the Moss Report serves that very purpose.
Testimonial By: S.G., India

Greatly appreciate help

Many thanks for all the information. I'll certainly suggest compassionate use to my doctor when I see him tomorrow and examine all the other pages right away. I greatly appreciate your help.
Testimonial By: J.S.

Very Useful

My consultation with Ralph Moss was very useful. Reading several of his reports has built a strong sense of confidence in his expertise and his credibility. I have made a major change in my treatment plan because of the consultation and think the outcome will be much better.
Testimonial By: J.P.

A Great Meeting

Thank you for this great meeting, and all the following informations are so helpful. I will keep you posted.
Testimonial By: I.F.

Commitment to Science

It?s hard to imagine not having Ralph Moss to consult with when facing cancer. The first time we did so was 19 years ago when our son came down with acute promyelocytic leukemia. Dr. Moss steered us in an unexpected direction?chemotherapy--because, as he said, in this particular case chemotherapy actually works. This demonstrated his objective commitment to science and we believe it helped save our son?s life. We recently consulted Dr. Moss again, this time for my husband?s diagnosis of prostate cancer. His thorough research of both conventional and alternative healing modalities is helping us make a much more informed choice regarding treatment. And his nutritional recommendations, again based on rigorous research, are an added bonus.
Testimonial By: M.C.

From a Doctor-Patient

Thank you so very much for your expert knowledge. Having been on 3 of your 1 hour consultations on the telephone, I can say that we more than got our monies worth. Your ability to give in depth knowledge to various avenues of possible help leaves one with a feeling of hope when many other doors seem to close.... Thank you again for being there.
Testimonial By: E.M.

How Grateful We Are

How grateful we are to have been put in touch with Dr. Moss....It is an incredible blessing to those of us dealing with cancer, that there is one man who has spent the last 30 years traveling throughout our country and the WORLD investigating studying and developing a professional relationship with those people who are using all types of different plans successfully and that man is accessible to us who desperately need the information that he has gleaned!
Testimonial By: W.S.

Excellent Report

At first, I thought the $297 price was a bit steep. But the report is excellent. Trying to evaluate the claims of the various alternatives is grasping at wind. I appreciate all of the legwork that you have done to investigate the clinics and the treatment methods. The report was well worth the money, and I have already begun recommending it to other colon cancer patients.
Testimonial By: David R

More and Better Information

I was diagnosed with invasion ductal breast cancer in October 2008 on the basis of a biopsy. For that procedure and over the next few months, I spent about $10,000 out of pocket for diagnostic procedures to determine what kind of treatment I would have. (These were just the costs that my insurer didn't cover.) After spending all that money and consulting with seven different doctors, I was left with no certainty of what to do next. All the information I got was conflicting. The process was dehumanizing and exhausting. Then I spoke with Dr. Moss . He gave me more and better information than I had gotten from the top breast cancer specialists in my home city . For the first time since I discovered the lump on my breast, I felt heard. I now have a clear plan of what to do for diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing monitoring. Dr. Moss, thank you for your kindness and for the thoroughness you bring to your work. The service you perform is indispensable.
Testimonial By: D.G.

A Great Help

It was very helpful to talk with Dr. Moss. He has a truly unique knowledge of cancer research and treatments, conventional and alternative. Especially helpful to me were his observations drawn from personal acquaintance with doctors, practitioners and clinics. This has been a great help in navigating the maze of treatment alternatives.
Testimonial By: D.F.

Highly Respected Authority

If you want to leave no stone unturned, Dr. Moss is an essential resource for your arsenal against cancer. He will provide information you will never get from your regular doctor. Dr. Moss is knowledgeable about alternative treatments on a global basis and cutting edge tests which are in queue for FDA approval. He advises on important supplements, foods and specific recipes. I unequivocally recommend obtaining the Moss Report and investing in a Phone Consultation with this highly respected authority.
Testimonial By: L.H.


I purchased your Moss Report on Melanoma today. Thank you very much. it is beyond my expectations, I am amazed.
Testimonial By: A.M.

Thank you

I learned so much from Dr. Moss in one short hour! I have done much research on my own, but his advice is leading me in a new direction, which I know will benefit me. Thank you!
Testimonial By: P.W.

A Man that Cannot be Swayed by Financial Self-interest

Dr. Moss has been enormously helpful to me in my 9 year struggle to survive stage 4 colon cancer as well as providing me with knowledge to advise family members regarding prostate and ovarian cancer. I have purchased 3 different reports over the years and have had numerous phone consultations. The reports are written so a layman can understand them yet provide expertise so options can be discussed with medical experts. The phone conversations have always been helpful in sifting through information to reach informed decisions. I have found that the medical experts too often have a narrow perspective or offer biased advice. I am thankful for Dr Moss as he has an overview of options and further, I believe that he is a man that cannot be swayed by financial self-interest.
Testimonial By: R.D.

Comprehensive, Reliable

After doing research on all possible conventional and alternative cancer therapies, I continuously go back to my Moss Report, the most comprehensive, useful and reliable guide to navigating the sea of contradictory information. It is our source of guidance and information
Testimonial By: Arturo E.

Always Edifying

Thanks for your very helpful insights and recommendations today. It is always edifying and a pleasure to speak with you.
Testimonial By: J.M.

Succinct, Comprehensive and Unbiased

After considering it for a while, I finally bought the Moss Report for Sarcoma, telling myself it would easily be worth as much as getting an MRI (comparable price, for me) and indeed it has been, and MORE so. Cancer patients need to know that there are options out there, and that there are measures one can take beyond the treatment plan of a medical oncologist. The Moss Report is succinct, comprehensive, and unbiased, and when you are overwhelmed with all that is out there claiming to cure cancer, it's refreshing to read this report which simply puts all the research out there and backs it up. The phone consultation was also extremely helpful. If you are interested in any kind of alternative facility in the US or especially internationally, it can be near impossible to know where to go, so who better to ask than someone who has been visiting these places for 40 years? Moss was down to earth and covered all the bases in one hour as we discussed international treatment facilities, supplements, and more. I don't know how I would have made my plan B without his input, based on his 40 years of visiting treatment facilities worldwide.
Testimonial By: R.M.

Cleared up many misconceptions

We would like to thank you very much for the phone consultation. We learned a great deal of new information and cleared up many misconceptions concerning diet, supplements and various treatments. It was great to speak with Dr. Moss . He is extremely personable and knowledgeable. We would recommend the phone consultation to anyone that is suffering with cancer.
Testimonial By: M.H.

Mind Clearing!

He helped me see in which direction I might go. I made a plan after talking with him that was... clearer than the scattered thoughts and random choices that had been floating in my mind previous to our talk. Thank you for your valuable gift
Testimonial By: Teri K

Bright Mind and Steady Hand

When one receives a diagnosis of metastatic cancer all of a sudden you are thrust crudely into a new world of questions, doubt, fear and loathing. Ralph Moss is a bright mind and steady hand in providing trusted information in a way that one can sort things out and decide a pathway whether it be traditional Western Medicine or a Homeopathic approach. He can help confirm or deny your logical thoughts and your gut level instincts relative to the eventual decisions you will need to make.
Testimonial By: T.T.

Patient, Clear, Concise

I found my consultation with Ralph to be extremely helpful. He was able to narrow down an overwhelming amount of information into a few, clear treatment options. I felt more clear and relaxed about my action plan after speaking with him. His manner was patient, clear, and concise. I strongly recommend him to anyone trying to wind their way through the tunnels of cancer treatment alternatives.
Testimonial By: L.B.

A Wealth of Information

We felt that speaking to Dr. Moss was a great gift. He has a wealth of information,which we were able to receive because the person we were speaking to was unbiased and had such an obvious concern for humankind.
Testimonial By: Ondrea and Stephen Levine

Highly Intelligent, Compassionate, Extremely Knowledgeable

My wife has Stage III Synovial Sarcoma. Even after all conventional treatment, chances of recurrence or metastasis are very high. We were told that sarcomas are not immunogenic. However, historical data on Coley's Toxins as well as groundbreaking research being done at NIH prove otherwise. In my quest to identify the best 'consolidation' therapy for my wife, I concluded that I needed to talk with Dr. Moss. I had done all the research I could and consulted multiple doctors. I felt it necessary to consult an objective third party who is not personally invested in one specific modality. All I expected from the consultation was a discussion comparing Coley's to other immunology options such as Dendritic Cell Vaccination. However, Dr. Moss surprised me with two very promising and relevant options I had never heard of. He also recommended alternative methodologies to track the cancer (there are no known markers for synovial sarcoma). In summary, I found Dr. Moss to be highly intelligent, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. I would recommend him to anyone serious about finding the best treatment possible.
Testimonial By: E.C.

Grateful for his learned advice

Dr. Moss provided me with valuable information about prostate cancer in his report and in a telephone consultation. He patiently answered all of my questions in detail. Dr. Moss referred me to a doctor in Europe where I could receive treatment for prostate cancer that is not available in the United States. I am very grateful for his learned advice
Testimonial By: C.S.

Thank you very much

I am grateful to have had a consultation with Dr. Moss. He was very open with me, describing my options based on my health and financial situation. He gave me good advice and also sent letters of recommendation to all the places we discussed. I am completely satisfied with the consultation. I felt comfortable talking to a good human being. Also, it's good to know that if I have some questions, I always could send an e-mail to Dr. Moss. Thank you very much.
Testimonial By: Y.R.

Insights and References

This was my second consultation with Dr. Moss. Both times I consulted him in response to conflicting opinions from my health care providers and both times Dr. Moss gave me insights that helped me see things more clearly and from a different perspective. In addition he also gave me several references to people who are especially knowledgable in the field of treating non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This was information that I do not think I could have gotten anywhere else. Those references alone were worth every penny of the consultation fee.
Testimonial By: J.M.

Beacon of Light

I want to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing. When my father was diagnosed with cancer we were all in shock and didn't know where to turn for accurate, unbiased information. Your books, website and Report were like a beacon of light shining in a dark place for our family.
Testimonial By: R. G , Belize

Extremely Helpful

We have been pursuing multiple leads and your report has been extremely helpful.
Testimonial By: Rob W

My Compass

I am truly so grateful for the time with Dr. Moss today! He has been my compass through a daunting bit of information-gathering and decision-making. Truly, I don't know what I would do without his easy manner and keen guidance!
Testimonial By: M.M.

Helpful and Comprehensive

Thank you very much. Your report is very helpful and comprehensive.
Testimonial By: Bob S.

Thank You

I thank you for all your help and have given your name to others who share similar burdens with friends and relatives who suffer from cancer.
Testimonial By: Mel H

Impressed with the Breadth of Dr. Moss's Knowledge

Both my husband and I were very impressed with the breadth of Dr. Moss's knowledge and research of the field of cancer treatment. He asked specific questions about my pathology report and gave very specific suggestions about possible treatment options. All this information will be helpful as we seek to make the best choices moving forward.
Testimonial By: M.B.

Leading Authority

I would like to thank Dr. Moss for his exceptional work in the field of Cancer. He is definitely one the leading authorities in the possible treatments of this dreadful disease.
Testimonial By: G. C.

One of the Foremost Authorities

Dr. Ralph Moss has contributed extensively to literature that deals with alternative approaches for the treatment of cancer. His professional colleagues, both in mainstream medicine as well as complementary medicine, regard him as one of the foremost authorities in this field. His work is widely published and I have drawn upon it to evaluate the more controversial aspects of cancer treatment. Dr. Moss has also provided valuable leadership in the ongoing search for more holistic treatments for cancer. All his colleagues, including me, hold him in high professional regard.
Testimonial By: Deepak Chopra, MD

Healthy Lifespan

I credit Dr. Moss's research and writing for adding to my healthy lifespan more than eleven years, and counting. That appreciation extends to the entire Moss team. Have a blessed day.
Testimonial By: J. C.

Immensely Helpful

The Moss Report has been immensely helpful to me. Thanks for all you are doing through your reports--I'm glad I'm part of the network, and I'm telling others about you!
Testimonial By: Bob W.

So Amazing!

Your information is so amazing and I am so grateful for your wisdom, dedication, and guidance. I will begin assembling my potions and do more reading. Thank you!
Testimonial By: J.H.


I learned sooo much today--it was definitely worth it. Thanks!
Testimonial By: J.W.

The Best 'Cancer Coach'

Ralph Moss is, perhaps, the best 'cancer coach' that I have spoken to. He is independent and has a wealth of information and experience to draw on, but what makes him truly outstanding is the intellectual integrity of his advice and his ability to formulate highly customized practical recommendations for each individual situation. He is honest about what he knows and what he does not know and clear about the potential benefits as well as about the risks and the unknowns of any treatments that he discusses. I would thoroughly recommend reading the Moss Reports and a consultation with Ralph Moss as the first and most important step in any research of cancer treatments.
Testimonial By: E.P.

Very Useful Tool

We refer to your report often and have found it to be a very useful tool in our search for effective alternative therapies.
Testimonial By: Cathy S

Tireless Research and Devotion

I am grateful beyond good words for your tireless research and devotion to deciphering these conundra and to helping so many of us
Testimonial By: M.M.D

I Highly Recommend Making the Phone Call

My consultation with Dr Moss was very informative and helpful, he is a wealth of information. He spoke to me and my husband in lay man's term's and explained what my onco test score actually meant. For the first time I understood my odds in facing cancer and had a clear picture of what I was up against. Our conversation lasted an hour and included nutrition, alternative treatment and various conventional offerings. Dr Moss answered all my questions and although he didn't make the decisions for me he helped me make them myself. It was an hour well spent; I highly recommend making the phone call.
Testimonial By: J.M.


Dr Moss answered our questions with insights and guidance. Dr Moss improved my understanding of my wife's medical condition and provided concrete information as how to best approach each step on the road to recovery. Dr Moss increased my knowledge of her situation and a plan going forward which includes several treatment plans working in parallel towards a long term positive outcome. Dr Moss is willing to remain in contact and provide additional guidance which is a comforting thought.
Testimonial By: M.O.

I Would Most Heartily Recommend a Consultation

I have been following Dr. Moss on CancerDecisions.Com and receiving his email updates practically since its' inception. As a former hospital administrator who appreciates Dr. Moss' knowledge and high ethical standards, it was a natural progression for me to obtain his treatise on invasive carcinoma of the breast immediately after being diagnosed. I began reading before my lumpectomy, and continued til I'd gone over the very detailed and extensive information about 5 times. My husband and I then arranged for a phone consultation with Dr. Moss , which proved to be invaluable. He was able to make specific suggestions about certain doctors, clinics, and CAM therapies that have proven invaluable. Thanks to him, I have been able to sort through much of the misleading statistical information that was thrown at me by various practitioners (for example, radiologists) pushing their particular type of therapy. I would most heartily recommend a consultation with Dr. Moss for anyone trying to decide upon a treatment path to follow.
Testimonial By: C.M.

Narrowing the Choices

I very much appreciate that I can call on you and your staff to help me narrow the choices. Your Report is a great help, and it is especially comforting to know that I can access your extensive knowledge for further help. Much appreciation.
Testimonial By: C.T.


We have received your report on gallbladder cancer and sincerely appreciate your thoroughness and writing style
Testimonial By: Robert D.

Most Exciting

Your information regarding the work in Europe was most exciting and our talk was worthwhile just from that perspective.
Testimonial By: J.B.

GREAT help!

Your Report has been a GREAT help! Thanks. Although there are many, many questions still swirling around in my head, at least I know that there are other people out there asking questions and other treatments other than the slash, poison and burn option primarily offered!
Testimonial By: Lauren M

Adding to Life Span

I credit Dr. Moss's research and writing for adding to my healthy life span more than 11 years, and counting. That appreciation extends to the entire Moss team.
Testimonial By: J. C.

Worthwhile & Encouraging

M. and I appreciated the time that Dr. Moss spent with us and felt it was most worthwhile and encouraging.
Testimonial By: B.S. and M.S.

A Wonderful Thing

I wanted to say what a wonderful thing you are doing with your reports and consultations, helping so many people, and thank you for writing to me about this.
Testimonial By: S.G.

We feel like the fog has been lifted

My mother and I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Moss this morning for a consulation. My mom is facing Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and has been in a severe quandry about treatment. After speaking with him, we feel like the fog has been lifted. He was extremely knowledgeable, but more importantly, he was amazingly kind and personally concerned. He followed through immediately with some contact information for us as well. Bottom line, he treated us like family and helped to clarify hundreds of bits of information. He also helped us to put some difficult news and prognosis into> perspective. He gave us tangible tools to help us fight this battle. He and his > staff truly have a gift. We definitely feel more equipped, focused and hopeful after our conversation. Thank you again for everything.
Testimonial By: E.L. and C.G.

In Awe

I would like to thank you for the very interesting and educational conference, I really appreciate and am in awe of your expertise in this field.
Testimonial By: J.R.

Most Valuable Input

The telephone consultation that I had with Dr. Moss was absolutely the most valuable input that I received during the course of my investigations into possible treatments for Leiomyosarcoma. I am so grateful to have had the chance to talk with him.
Testimonial By: L.S.

Just Wanted to Say THANK YOU

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the work that you do, and for taking the time to provide your input to people like me who have some tough decisions to make.
Testimonial By: R. M.

Vast Knowledge

Reading the Moss Report provided me with a better perspective on the available treatment options (conventional, as well as complementary and alternative). A following phone consultation with Dr. Ralph Moss enabled me make an informed decision regarding my treatment strategy. Because of Dr. Moss' vast knowledge of the current state of available cancer treatments in US and around the world, I see him as an invaluable source of information for patients trying to decide on their treatment plan.
Testimonial By: A.R.

Critical Source

After reading about Dr. Moss in Suzanne Somers book Knockout, I knew he would be a critical source of information and guidance, and he certainly did not disappoint. Taking on this battle can be frightening and lonely, so I am thankful for such a beacon of light and hope. The insight and information he shared with me during my consultation was indeed enlightening, and although I had thoroughly read his report on my cancer, our talk lifted my spirits, with a renewed sense of finding treatments I can live with. The traditional one size fits all is just not something I can feel comfortable with, I knew in my heart there had to be a better way. Thank you Dr Moss, for everything, but mostly for giving me a renewed sense of vigor for continuing to fight, in the way I know in my heart is right, rather than giving in to the traditional treatment. Sometimes, feeling a little lost and exhausted, I have felt beaten down enough to go against my better judgment and surrender. Pain can certainly be a factor as well, in weakening the spirit, but I am ready to go the distance.
Testimonial By: K.M.

Very Encouraging

My telephone consult with Dr. Moss was very encouraging. First of all, one thinks that there is no other recourse than the traditional medical offerings. I am undergoing a trial study thinking that if this doesn't work I'm doomed and Ralph gave me three options. He was informative and knowledgeable about the subject and I thank God that he is doing this kind of work. We are looking into the three options. Also, his report on the Coley's Toxin was very interesting to read. He makes a sobering subject easy to read with the historical background and so forth.
Testimonial By: R.K.

A Soft Spot

We have a very soft spot for Mr. Moss because 19 years ago he counseled by phone our son, who was then 20 years old, with his treatment choice for APL. We feel he played a large part in saving our son's life.
Testimonial By: J.C. and M.C.

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